Thinking about bathroom remodeling in Richmond VA?

Shogun Services creates beautiful bathrooms.

Bathrooms are private spaces, a place we can relax, blow off steam, or get away from it all. Let Shogun Services provide bathroom remodeling services to make your bathroom a better relaxation spot.


Experience Matters

Our team of bathroom remodeling specialists can help turn your outdated bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams. Our expertise includes:

  • Decades of Construction/Remodeling experience.
  • Expert knowledge on structural design
  • Licensed in all trades, so your bathroom remodel is completed correctly to code.
  • Knowledge of the latest bathroom fixtures and lighting, spanning all popular brands and styles.
  • gorgeous countertops, cabinets, and storage
  • Innovative ideas
  • beautiful flooring
  • and more!


Richmond VA Bathroom Remodeling that Fits Your Budget and Style

Did you know? Bathroom renovations increase your home’s value. In fact, the returns of a bathroom remodel can be more than 100% of the original investment!

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodeling experience that is:

  • cost-efficient
  • simple and professional
  • stress-free
  • convenient
  • handled by licensed and experienced specialists

We take your unique style, needs and desires into account when we take on a bathroom remodel, we have several suppliers we work closely with that can help make sure your fixtures, cabinets and counter tops match the style and color scheme you envisioned in your dream bathroom.


The end result is a bathroom remodel you’ll love.

Shogun Services is a full-service home remodeling, renovation, electrical, plumbing, hvac and home improvement company specializing in:

  • bathroom remodeling
  • kitchen renovation
  • living space improvements
  • outdoor space renovation
  • room additions
  • whole home remodeling

Shogun Services offers tons of options for updating cabinets, countertops, and storage. With so many choices, consider how you use your bathroom space.

  • TVs, Radios, accent lighting
  • “his” and “hers” spaces
  • Storage options


No more messy bathroom counters!

Simply call Shogun Services at 804-510-0273. Our Richmond VA bathroom remodeling experts can design a clutter-free solution for your bathroom that is just as gorgeous as it is functional.


Bathroom Flooring

Choose from a huge selection of colors, patterns, and textures to design a bathroom that will wow you. Shogun Services is pleased to offer you hundreds of choices when it comes to beautiful flooring for your bathroom remodel.


Bathroom Lighting and Walls

Your bathroom remodeling experience isn’t complete without updating your walls and lighting. It’s a simple way to make your bathroom look beautiful.

  • Hang a chandelier
  • Add vanity lights
  • Brighten up the room with some color

Choose Shogun Services – the bathroom remodeling experts in Richmond VA who can update your bathroom the way you want it with colors you’ll smile at when you see them.


Bathroom Showers, Sinks and Tubs

There are so many different ways to style your shower, tub, and sinks. Even sinks alone have tons of different styles to choose from:

  • Free-Standing Vanities
  • Vessel Sink
  • Wall-Mounted Sink
  • Pedestal Sink
  • Under-Mount Sink
  • Self-Mounted Sink
  • Console Sink
  • Tile showers
  • Molded Fiberglass showers and tubs
  • Jetted Tubs
  • Walk-in Tubs

Call us today to get started on your dream bathroom remodel. No matter what you’re looking for, we can make your vision into a reality.


We’re proud to serve the following areas:

  • Chester VA
  • Chesterfield VA
  • Colonial Heights VA
  • Dinwiddie VA
  • Petersburg VA
  • Prince George VA
  • Henrico VA
  • Richmond VA


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