Covered Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC Protection Plans with Repair Pro

When it comes to home repair coverage, Repair Pro is the best. We offer the most coverage and benefits available anywhere in Richmond, Virginia. With Repair Pro, you are covered with plumbing, electrical and HVAC protection plans. Our customer service and quality is second to none – that’s why more people are happy with Repair Pro than any other home warranty.

As a Repair Pro Member, you will receive:

  • Lower Operating Cost: We maintain your equipment to keep it operating efficiently.
  • Regular Maintenance: Your system runs at peak efficiency.
  • Extended System Life: Precision tune-ups can reduce wear and tear and prolong system life.
  • Maintain Manufacturer Warranties: Manufacturers require equipment to be regularly serviced by a professional.
Chart detailing the deals involved in Shogun's electrical, plumbing and HVAC protection plan

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Photo for Shogun Services's Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Installation. Man provides work on an air conditioner