Looking for Furnace Repair services around Richmond VA? Look no further than Shogun Services. We have over 40 years of experience with Furnace repair in Richmond VA, Chesterfield VA, Colonial Heights Va and surrounding areas. Our highly skilled technicians will repair any furnace issue and make sure your whole heating system is running smoothly and effectively. We’re able to schedule a service time that’s convenient for you so that you and your family are staying nice and warm during the cold Richmond VA winters.

The Shogun Services team is fully equipped to handle the most complicated Furnace Repairs regardless of what make or model your heating system may be. If you are in need of residential or commercial Furnace Repairs, Heating unit repairs, Furnace maintenance, packaged gas furnace units, or any heating related services in Richmond VA Chesterfield VA Colonial Heights VA or any surrounding area, give us a call today at 804-510-0273. Remember, we are available 24/7 for any emergency Furnace Repairs you may need!


Furnace Repair Richmond VA Chesterfield VA Colonial heights VA

Common Reasons for a Furnace Repair
Aside from your Furnace not working at all or not blowing warm air, there are some helpful clues that can help us identify what possible Furnace Repair you may need.

Loud noises: If you hear rattling or banging in or around your Furnace, the furnace blower motor is usually the source or some other metal part inside the Furnace that has worn out or has come loose. Call us right away, it may be something simple that could save you from a costly Furnace Repair if not diagnosed!

Furnace Leaking Water: Newer high efficiency Furnaces produce condensation when heating. This water needs to be drained away from the Furnace. Furnaces not draining properly can result in a laundry list of costly Furnace Repair. a small issues like a clogged condensate line can cause your furnace to cut off repeatedly without heating your home. Furnace Repair for this problem can range from simply blowing out your condensate line to fully replacing your furnace if left unchecked. This is one reason Furnace Maintenance is highly important for the safety and longevity of your heating system.

Furnace Not Heating: If this happens, the issue can range quite a bit, but a typical Furnace Repair for a furnace not heating is the flame sensor or hot surface igniter. Both have a general life expectancy and should be checked regularly. Other Furnace Repair could include any number of the following; poor air flow, poor gas flow, bad gas valve, tripped safety switch, and bad control board, just to name a few. Always contact Shogun Services if your Furnace is not operating properly, Furnaces are equipped with several safety devices but should only be worked on by trained professionals.

Our technicians are experienced with all makes and models, and they are trained to make Furnace Repair quickly and effectively. We know that Furnace Repair can’t always wait for a business day. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency furnace repair services from trained professionals, so that you can get furnace repairs when you need them.

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