Need heat pump repair services around Richmond, VA? Look no further than Shogun Services. We have over 40 years of experience with repairing heat pumps in Richmond, VA, Chesterfield, VA, Colonial Heights, VA, Dinwiddie, VA and surrounding areas. Our technicians our highly trained and can repair any heat pump issue, make sure your whole heat pump system is running smoothly and effectively. We can schedule a time that’s convenient for you so you can stay nice and comfortable during the changing Richmond, VA area seasons.

The Shogun Services team is fully capable of handling the most complicated heat pump repairs regardless of what make or model your system may be. If you are in need of residential or commercial heat pump repairs, heating unit repairs, heat pump maintenance, packaged heat pump units, or any heating or cooling related services in Richmond, VA, Chesterfield, VA Colonial Heights, VA or any surrounding area, give us a call today at 804-510-0273. Remember, we are available around the clock to handle any heat pump repair you may need!

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Common Reasons Your Heat Pump May Need Repairs

Your heat pump has the ability to heat and cool your home, meaning it runs all year long. Typical issues include: faulty capacitors, fan motors, defrost boards, and contractors, along with a list of other issues, like wiring or low refrigerant.

Loud noises: Uncommon noises are a sign you may need heat pump repair. Any noise outside of normal operation can be a sign of failing parts. The most common noise associated with heat pumps is the defrost cycle, which is sometimes mistaken as a failing part. Other noises to listen for are metal on metal squealing or screeching sounds. These could be the sign of a failing motor or unwanted rubbing. Most all of these issues can be found early by having Shogun perform regular scheduled maintenance on your heat pump.

Air Handler Leaking Water:  While in cooling mode, heat pumps produce condensation. This condensation is drained or pumped from the air handler to the outside. If your heat pump air handler is leaking, an out of level air handler, clogged drain line or faulty pump could be likely issues.

Heat Pump Not Heating or Cooling: If this happens, the issue can range quite a bit, but typical heat pump repairs can range from something as simple as a capacitor change to failed compressor. Both have a general life expectancy and should be checked regularly. Other heat pump repairs can also include any number of the following; poor air flow, low refrigerant, bad TXVs and faulty control boards – just to name a few. Always contact Shogun Services if your heat pump is not operating properly. Heat pumps should only be work on by trained professionals.

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